188W/188Re Generator

188Re for Short-range Irradiations

High-energy beta emitting Rhenium-188 has a half-life of 16,98 h and is a generator produced radioisotope for research purposes. 188Re is obtained by eluting the 188W/188Re Generator which, with a long shelf-life of several months, ensures the continuous on-demand availability of no-carrier-added (n.c.a.) 188Re.

The 188W/188Re Generator as a research tool, a proprietary development of ITG GmbH, is based on an alumina column and offers the highest activity concentration (> 5 GBq/ml) for short-range irradiations. The long-living mother radionuclide 188W is adsorbed on the column material while the daughter radionuclide 188Re is selectively eluted from the generator with sterile isotonic solution which enables its use directly as a high dose liquid radioactive source for radiolabeling reactions. 

Key Advantages

  • Obtainable 188Re activity more than 100 GBq
  • Small elution volume (< 10 ml)
  • Elution yield 75-80%
  • High activity concentration (> 5 GBq/ml) of the generator eluate
  • Low 188W  breakthrough (< 0,001%)


This product is for laboratory research purposes only